Tear Troughs

Treat Tired Looking Eyes

Tear trough filler is one of our most requested treatments at Dr Linea Medical. Sunken tear troughs can cause the appearance of tiredness and dark circles under the eyes. This is often one of the first things people notice about their face often leading to low self-esteem.

This treatment is a fantastic way to give a brighter, refreshed look to the face. Choosing an experienced and qualified practitioner is key for treating tear troughs as it is such a delicate area.

Tear trough filler is often used in combination with cheek filler to give that lifted, youthful appearance. Some may say they’re the perfect pairing!

Who is suitable for tear trough filler?

  • Patients who have hollowing of the under eye, giving the dark-circle appearance ( due to ageing or genetic)
  • Patients who have lost volume due to the ageing process
  • Tear trough filler is NOT suitable for those with excess or loose skin in under eye area or those who suffer with puffy under eye bags that get worse in the morning.
Confidence, wear it like make up!’
For the
Volume Loss
Dark Circles
Fine Lines & Wrinkles
Hollowness Under the Eyes
Tired-Looking Eyes
Improving Eye Contour

Or practitioner’s approach

Tear trough filler treatment is performed with a blunt micro cannula, a proven safer method with minimal trauma, less downtime and without the rusks of damaging fragile anatomical structures in this very vascular, high risk area.

The treatment is virtually painless, as the topical numbing cream will be applied before the procedure and the fillers we use contain lidocaine for maximum comfort.
Dr Linea has successfully performed countless tear trough filler treatments over the years with amazing, natural looking results.

We only use highest quality, luxury filler brands in our clinic ,which can be fully reversed in case any problem arises.

Tear trough filler is a very advanced procedure and requires an experienced and skilled practitioner.

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Dr Linea uses a minimally invasive, single entry point with a blunt micro cannula which minimises any risk of bruising. Any individual concerns regarding bruising can be discussed during consultation.

The initial tear trough, on average lasts for six months, regular treatment after this can last up to twelve months.

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