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Helping patients feel the best possible version of themselves

We believe in helping patients feel the best possible version of themselves, boosting their confidence and feeling natural, fresh and vibrant. We spend time with each of my patients to understand their concerns and work together to help overcome them. We firmly believe in safety in Aesthetics, and my team of medically qualified experts are always developing our knowledge, skills, products and techniques to help cater for all of our patients needs.

“I cannot thank Dr Linea enough”

For many years I have been very self-conscious about my crooked nose. Even as a child I didn’t like it, as a young adult I was determined to save up to have surgery to resolve my problem and make me feel better about myself. Then a friend told me about Dr Linea’s work and I was blown away. I immediately booked a consultation to see if she could help me, after seeing her work, before and after photographs and Dr Linea advising me a non-surgical rhinoplasty could solve my problem, I was elated and excited to have the treatment.

Charlotte, Suffolk

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Facial Aesthetics and Dermal Fillers

It is significant to understand our patient needs to ensure every individual feels their best version of themselves, by boosting self-confidence and feeling refreshed.

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