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For many years I have been very self-conscious about my crooked nose. Even as a child I didn’t like it, as a young adult I was determined to save up to have surgery to resolve my problem and make me feel better about myself. Then a friend told me about Dr Linea’s work and I was blown away. I immediately booked a consultation to see if she could help me, after seeing her work, before and after photographs and Dr Linea advising me a non-surgical rhinoplasty could solve my problem, I was elated and excited to have the treatment.

I booked in to go ahead with the treatment immediately. The procedure was fairly quick and completely painless, I was amazed how simple it actually was. As soon as Dr Linea had finished she handed me the mirror and I burst into tears, of complete happiness! My nose looked amazing, everything I wanted it to be. Now, I no longer shy away from those family photographs with my children and when meeting new people, I feel much more confident and not worried that they are looking at my nose like I did before. I cannot thank Dr Linea enough.

Charlotte, Suffolk

After going through the menopause fairly early, I noticed how it had taken its toll on my face, I looked tired with hollow pouches under my eyes, my once high cheeks had disappeared, and I had drooping mouth corners and jowls.

I didn’t look how I felt, looking in the mirror it didn’t feel like me anymore. I began to feel quite depressed and self-conscious of how my face had changed so dramatically with going through the menopause and I did plenty of investigating to find a way of helping me feel more like me again.

After doing some research I found Dr Linea. At my consultation she listened to how I felt and reassured me that I was not alone. Her knowledge in facial anatomy and the aging process was extraordinary and she completely understood what I wanted to achieve. A treatment plan with formulated, and I decided to go ahead.

Best decision I have ever made! I now feel me again!! I can look in the mirror without feeling low and self-conscious! My family and friends say how much happier I am and I feel amazing. I can’t thank Dr Linea enough.

Patricia, Suffolk

So happy I made the decision to see Dr Linea. She made me feel completely at ease and really understood how I felt my chin and side profile. After seeing examples of her work in this particular area and her thoroughly explaining the procedure and what to expect I felt very happy and reassured. My results were incredible, wish I had been to see her sooner!

Angela, Suffolk

Dr Linea really made me feel comfortable and confident in her treatments, I couldn’t be happier with the results. I would never go to anyone else. Highly recommended.

Donna Louise, UK

I attended an Intermediate Mid-Face Filler course with Dr Linea last week. The whole day was extremely well delivered and organised. Dr Linea is obviously so knowledgeable and passionate about the Aesthetics industry. I learned a vast amount and feel very fortunate to have been trained by such a talented lady, not to mention Award Winning.

Megan, UK

I saw Dr Linea for Aesthetic treatments. As a Beauty Blogger I know what I want and have very high expectations. Dr Linea was amazing!!! Tear Troughs are a delicate procedure and should only ever be done by the most qualified and experienced professionals. She was using the Teosyal Pen which is a relatively new way of delivering the filler. She did an extensive consultation prior to the treatment to ensure she gave me the results I was hoping for. I have been wanting tear troughs done for a while. I was not disappointed. The results are amazing! For anyone concerned about the pain involved. There was none! I can honestly say it was the most minimally painful injectable I’ve ever had. Whoever invented the Teosyal is a genius! Dr Linea? Well what else can I say? She is absolutely amazing!

Melissa, UK

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