For many years I have been very self-conscious about my crooked nose. Even as a child I didn’t like it, as a young adult I was determined to save up to have surgery to resolve my problem and make me feel better about myself. Then a friend told me about Dr Linea’s work and I was blown away. I immediately booked a consultation to see if she could help me, after seeing her work, before and after photographs and Dr Linea advising me a non-surgical rhinoplasty could solve my problem, I was elated and excited to have the treatment.

I booked in to go ahead with the treatment immediately. The procedure was fairly quick and completely painless, I was amazed how simple it actually was. As soon as Dr Linea had finished she handed me the mirror and I burst into tears, of complete happiness! My nose looked amazing, everything I wanted it to be. Now, I no longer shy away from those family photographs with my children and when meeting new people, I feel much more confident and not worried that they are looking at my nose like I did before. I cannot thank Dr Linea enough.

Charlotte, Suffolk