After going through the menopause fairly early, I noticed how it had taken its toll on my face, I looked tired with hollow pouches under my eyes, my once high cheeks had disappeared, and I had drooping mouth corners and jowls.

I didn’t look how I felt, looking in the mirror it didn’t feel like me anymore. I began to feel quite depressed and self-conscious of how my face had changed so dramatically with going through the menopause and I did plenty of investigating to find a way of helping me feel more like me again.

After doing some research I found Dr Linea. At my consultation she listened to how I felt and reassured me that I was not alone. Her knowledge in facial anatomy and the aging process was extraordinary and she completely understood what I wanted to achieve. A treatment plan with formulated, and I decided to go ahead.

Best decision I have ever made! I now feel me again!! I can look in the mirror without feeling low and self-conscious! My family and friends say how much happier I am and I feel amazing. I can’t thank Dr Linea enough.

Patricia, Suffolk