Stylage Filler

Stylage® Overview

We use the STYLAGE range of hyaluronic acide dermal fillers and skin boosters by VIVACY Labarotories for safe and effective treatments.

Made with a unique and patented technology, IPN-LIKE, STYLAGE is a next generation filler that adapts perfectly to the needs of today’s patients, while keeping safety and authentic results in mind.  

The STYLAGE range offers a complete product range that covers all your aesthetic needs, from wrinkle filling and smoothing to facial volume restoration, and even skin hydration and improvement.


STYLAGE Special lips & Lips Plus

STYLAGE Special Lips

Light Lip Augmentation, Definition & Hydration.  A soft hyaluronic acid gel, designed to add subtle volume and rehydrate the lip area.


Full Lip Augmentation.

A more volumising hyaluronic acid gel to achieve a glamorous yet still very natural result of lip augmentation. 



Fine to Medium Wrinkles

Designed to rehydrate the face, particularly around the mouth area but also soften superficial wrinkles around the eye such as the crow’s feet.


Medium to Deep Wrinkles

Created to fill regular skin depressions in the face. STYLAGE® M is incredibly versatile and is used to treat many indications, including the forehead, nose, temples, cheeks, nasolabial folds and marionette lines.


Deep to Very Deep Wrinkles

STYLAGE® L is designed to treat deeper wrinkles. As well as having indications for the face, such as for the nasolabial folds and nose, it can also be used to restore lost colume to the backs of hands.



Facial Volume Restoration

The original volumizing product from the STYLAGE® range, STYLAGE® XXL restores volume lost with age in the temples, cheekbones, chin and jawline.


Facial Volume Restoration & Creation

The more viscous (thick) of the two from the volumizing range, STYLAGE® XXL is designed to add contour and more projection to the cheeks, temples, chin and jawline.



Skin Hydration & Mesotherapy

Treatment STYLAGE® Hydro is designed to bring moisture and hydration back to the skin through superficial injections. It can be used to compliment filler treatments from the STYLAGE® range.


Skin Quality and Elasticity Improvement
Although also considered as a mesotherapy product, it works completely differently to Hydro. It is injected deeper into the dermis to rejuvenate the skin tissues as well as restore hydration. Like STYLAGE® Hydro, STYLAGE® HydroMax compliments the STYLAGE® dermal filler range.

Dr Linea's Approach

The hyaluronic acid fillers, which we use for all our treatments, help to boost your own natural collagen production and the results can last for up to 1 year.

Using a much less traumatic technique of cannula, meaning lots of needles are not involved, this means, minimal down time and immediate results.

Dr Linea would need to see you for a full consultation to formulate a treatment plan with you to help you achieve the best results. Click below to book your jaw line dermal filler treat in Ipswich, Norwich, London & Bury St Edmunds.

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