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Other treatments

Correction of Hollow Temples

Correction of the temple hollows with dermal fillers is a quick, easy and virtually painless treatment to reduce the temple hollowing in the ageing face. Will require only 1 injection each side and is performed with a blunt cannula in this high risk vascular area of the face.Will make the contour of the face more uniform and round, giving a more youthful appearance. Correction of temple hollows with dermal fillers is a procedure which is often overlooked, but you will be surprised what difference it can make on the face.

Nasolabial Folds (nose to mouth lines)

Unsightly nose to mouth lines (nasolabial folds) appear as we age. It can be corrected with an easy and painless procedure with just 1 injection per side as Dr Linea uses a blunt cannula to perform the procedure which allows her to access the whole area with just one injection point. The procedure is absolutely painless and a dental block can be provided for more sensitive or nervous patients. The result lasts up to 1 year and price depends on the severity of the lines and filler required.

Marionette lines (sad mouth)

As we age, the soft tissues of the face are affected by gravity and the jowls start forming, leaving the jaw line looking saggy and irregular. The unsightly downturned mouth corners appear giving a sad appearance to the face.The “marionette lines” are the folds from mouth corners to the sides of the chin. The appearance of those lines can be improved with small amount of dermal filler with just 1 injection each side. Complete numbing of the area can be achieved by giving a dental nerve block for more comfortable injections.

The price will depend on the severity of lines and amount of filler required for optimal correction.

Other treatments FAQ

“Will I bruise after treatment and will it hurt?”

Dr Linea uses a single point, micro cannula technique for the majority of her dermal filler treatments. A motorised device called the Teosyal pen is used which also means placement of the dermal filler is gentle and gradual therefore the chance of bruising is reduced significantly. A strong topical anaesthetic is also applied prior to treatment to ensure the procedure is as comfortable as possible.

Results may vary from person to person