Non-surgical rhinoplasty

Expert Nose Refinement

Gone are the days when the only way to achieve a straight, well defined and smaller nose was pricey and traumatic surgery.

We offer NSR with hyaluronic acid dermal fillers which can achieve life changing, immediate results with minimal trauma and downtime involved , and for the fraction of the cost.

It’s a common misconception that adding dermal filler would always create more volume. With NSR, strategically and carefully placed filler will create a straighter , more shapely and streamlined nose which will appear smaller and more in harmony with the rest of the facial features.

Who would benefit from NSR treatment?

  • Patients who want to straighten the dorsal hump or crooked nose.
  • Patients who would like to lift a droopy nasal tip.
  • Patients who seek more definition and sharper nasal tip.
Confidence, wear it like make up!’
For the
Nose Shape Modification
Nasal Tip Definition
Bridge Augmentation
Nasal Asymmetry Correction
Filling Minor Dents and Hollows
Improving Nasal Profile
Refinement After Surgical Rhinoplasty

Dr Linea's Results

Many patients find NSR life changing treatment, after suffering a complex about their nose and thinking their only option was going under the knife. It’s absolutely priceless to see their transformation in the clinic and witness happy tears! Therefore it’s one of the most rewarding treatments for Dr Linea.

It is also the most high risk treatment to perform due to complex anatomy of nasal blood vessels.

Dr Linea has performed many NSRs using anatomically safe techniques and using micro cannula where possible.
We only use highest quality dermal fillers for non surgical rhinoplasty and they are all completely reversible in unlikely event a complication arises.

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Actually, non-surgical rhinoplasty with dermal filler, can may the nose look smaller. Creating a straighter more defined nose can give the nose a smaller appearance. Also it can lift the tip of the nose, making the nose appear shorter and improving the side profile.

Usually using minimally invasive techniques, it is expected to have minimal to no downtime. Often our patients are able to continue their day as usual immediately after treatment. Dr Linea always gives any specific post-operative instruction after treatment.

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