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Dermal Fillers For Lips

Contrary to popular opinion and stereotypes forced by social media, good lip filler that is injected correctly does not give the appearance of those huge ‘duck lips’ or “trout pouts” you often see in the media and sadly in real life.

Lip filler is not just for those in their 20’s and 30’s, nor is it just for beautification or cosmetic purposes. Whether it is to correct ‘M Shaped lips’, loss of volume with ageing, smokers lines, asymmetry of the lips or even dropping mouth corners, lip filler has many wonderful benefits with beautiful results when injected by the right practitioner with quality products.

Whether you are looking to have lip filler to correct a problem or whether it is for added volume for that perfect pout, our practitioners will discuss the best product and approach in order to achieve your desired outcome.

Who would benefit from lip filler treatment?

  • Patients that found that their lips have shrunk and flattened with age, causing unsightly lines in the lips and flat side profile.
  • Patients with asymmetrical lips, scarring.
  • Patients who would like more hydrated lips.
    Patients who would like more volume or definition in the lips.
  • Patients whovwould like to improve smoker’s lines.
    Patients who want to get rid of annoying “lipstick bleed” when wearing make up.
Beauty is about enhancing what you have, let yourself shine through!
For the
Volume Loss
Loss of Shape
Lip Symmetry
Fine Lines

Our practitioner’s approach

At Dr Linea Medical we can make lip augmentation as comfortable as possible by providing a dental block using local anaesthetic. Or we can just use topical numbing cream, as all the lip fillers we use in the clinic contain lidocaine for maximum comfort .

We only use the highest quality luxury filler brands in our clinic with highest safety records. We have various fillers we can use for the lips to solve different problems and create different desired outcomes. We use safer and less traumatic cannula technique where possible to avoid bruising and swelling.

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No, Dr Linea offers a variety of different dermal fillers that specifically treat the lips. Different lip looks can be created using these different dermal fillers. Dr Linea can advise on what is the most appropriate filler to have based on your individual preference. Lip filler doesn’t need to be volumising, it can be helpful with restoring hydration and collagen that is lost due to ageing as well as correcting asymmetry.

Dr Linea offers two methods of numbing the lips prior to treatment. A strong topical anaesthetic can be applied to the lip area that numbs the lips for a short period of time. Alternatively, Dr Linea is able to provide a dental block in the mouth with local anaesthetic to numb the lips which last for a few hours.

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