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Lips dermal fillers Ipswich, Norwich, Bury St Edmunds & London

Lip fillers are used for enhancing, defining and volumising the lips, creating a desirable youthful and plump appearance. Dr Linea would aim to create a very natural look, enhancing the natural shape of your lips.

It’s a common misconception that Lip filler is only for beautification to make lips fuller and pouty. With the aging process, volume is lost but also fine lines can also form, and corners of the mouth can begin to droop. Many patients present with this issue expressing how this affects their self-confidence unaware of the many natural outcomes of what lip filler can achieve. We perform lip filler treatments at our Ipswich, Norwich, Colchester & Bury St Edmunds clinics.

Lip filler Ipswich, Norwich, Colchester & Bury St Edmund.

Dr Linea can make having lip augmentation as comfortable as possible by providing a dental block using local anaesthetic. With a wide variety of filler products, specifically for the lips, Dr Linea can treat each individual as they wish, whether it is for very natural looking lips to fuller, more volumised lips.

Dr Linea uses a motorised devise called Teosyal Pen to inject filler for smooth and flawless lips. Lip augmentation with dermal fillers aims to treat a number of concerns combined, adding volume to thin lips, refining the contour and improving the appearance of fine lines around the lips.

Again, consultation is essential for Dr Linea to fully assess and formulate an appropriate treatment plan for each individual. Click the book button below to book your consultation at our Ipswich, Norwich, Colchester or Bury St Edmunds clinic.

Lip filler Before & After Ipswich, Norwich, Colchester & Bury St Edmund.
Lip filler Before & After Ipswich, Norwich, Colchester & Bury St Edmund.
Lip filler Before & After Ipswich, Norwich, Colchester & Bury St Edmund.

Lips FAQ

“Will I have a ‘trout pout’?”

No, Dr Linea offers a variety of different dermal fillers that specifically treat the lips. Different lip looks can be created using these different dermal fillers. Dr Linea can advise on what is the most appropriate filler to have based on your individual preference. Lip filler doesn’t need to be volumising, it can be helpful with restoring hydration and collagen that is lost due to ageing as well as correcting asymmetry.

“Does it hurt?”

Dr Linea offers two methods of numbing the lips prior to treatment. A strong topical anaesthetic can be applied to the lip area that numbs the lips for a short period of time. Alternatively, Dr Linea is able to provide a dental block in the mouth with local anaesthetic to numb the lips which last for a few hours.

Results may vary from person to person