Chin Augmentation

Chin Dermal Fillers

Chin is often an underestimated area when trying to turn back the time or beautify one’s face. Dermal filler injections in the chin can redefine it to enhance overall facial proportions, beautify lower face and balance the side profile.

Having a retracted chin is a common complaint but also one that is not always recognised by the patient themselves. Just a small procedure can have a huge impact.

Who can benefit from chin augmentation?

  • Older patients who lost volume and definition in lower face and have irregular jawline/jowls.
  • Patients with weak, retracted or cleft chin.
  • Male patients seeking more masculine jawline.
  • Female patients seeking more feminine, defined lower face.
  • Patients seeking profile balancing.
Confidence, wear it like make up!
A Targeted
Approach For
Your Chin
Enhanced Projection
Shape Definition
Facial Harmony
Diminished Appearance of a Double Chin
Correction of Asymmetries:
Softening of the Jawline

Our Practitioner's approach

Dermal fillers can shape the chin, pushing it forwards or downwards, changing the shape or adding volume where its been lost.

It’s a virtually painless procedure with minimum to no downtime, performed with single injection and blunt micro cannula.
We only use premium products to perform chin augmentation.
Full consultation will be needed prior to treatment.
Our chin Dermal filler treatments can be booked at our Ipswich, Bury st Edmunds, Norwich and London clinics.

Yes! It is a very simple and straight forward procedure, with minimal trauma and downtime.

Yes. This can balance out your profile making the nose appear smaller. This also helps with achieving the desired triangle of youth.

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