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Dermal fillers can augment an underdeveloped chin, improve the shape of it and correct asymmetry in this area.Chin enhancement with dermal fillers can be performed on retracted and weak chins or to disguise a cleft chin.

Left: Daughter, age 24: Triangle of youth. Right: Mother, age 64: Inverted triangle

It can shape the chin, pushing it forwards or downwards, making it more pointy or square depending on patient’s needs. Chin enhancement with dermal fillers is a very easy and painless procedure performed under local anaesthetic. It will make the profile of the face appear more balanced.

There is minimal to no downtime, performed with single injection and blunt cannula. Price depends on the severity of the problem and amount of dermal filler used. This of course will be discussed in detail during a full consultation prior to any commencement of treatment.

Chin FAQ

“Can dermal fillers get rid of a chin dimple?”

Yes! It is a very simple and straight forward procedure, with minimal trauma and downtime.

“Can chin enhancement make my nose look smaller?”

Yes. This can balance out your profile making the nose appear smaller. This also helps with achieving the desired triangle of youth.

Results may vary from person to person