Advanced non-surgical facial aesthetics expert

‘‘Simplicity is the key to brilliance’’

Aerolase in Ipswich for Skin tightening, Acne treatments, Pigmentation, Age spots, thread veins, and hair removal.

Aerolase is a state of the art Laser machine using unique 650 Microsceond technology. Delivering powerful powerful energy for quick results thats requires no downtime afterwards. The Aerolase is a multipurpose machine that can deliver customised treatments to your skins specific concerns.
The Laser uses a 1064 nm wavelength which targets water, melanin, and Haemogoblin in the skin. The combination of 650 microsecond technology delivering the 1064 nm wavelength allows for so many skin concerns to be addressed with a single device and in such a effective and gentle manner.
These include Skin tightening, Acne treatments, Age spots/pigmentation, Thread veins, and Hair removal.
The result is an improvement in your skins overall quality, tone, and texture, leaving you with a youthful glow.